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Energy Efficiency Policy Options

Energy Efficiency Idea Guide

At $0.039/kWh, energy efficiency is a very low-cost source of energy for utilities nationally. As an industry, energy efficiency creates jobs that are primarily local and cannot be outsourced. Additionally, it reduces cash outflow from the economy by reducing fuel imports while making locally-produced goods and services more competitive in the global marketplace. However, many technological, economic and social barriers limit mining of energy efficiency’s true potential internationally, in the United States, and in Arizona.

The goal of this Energy Efficiency Idea Guide is to provide policymakers and stakeholders a quick-read of forty-six ideas for potential policies, programs and initiatives that can increase the adoption of energy efficiency in the built environment in Arizona. It is intended to spark the beginning of conversations between stakeholders, not to be the definitive resource with all the answers set in stone. It is being updated online and supplemented with more in-depth briefs covering some of the challenges and solutions to the complexities that inevitably arise in taking an idea through to implementation.

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Aligning Economic Incentives

Achieving Deeper Savings

Expanding the Market Base

Funding Efficiency Projects

Improving Energy Performance

Marketing Excellence

Paving a Future of Efficiency

Rewarding Energy Leaders

Transparent Energy Information

Workforce Excellence

Promoting Sustainable Behavior