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Energy Efficiency Idea Guide Briefs

Aligning Economic Incentives

Achieving Deeper Savings

Expanding the Market Base

Funding Efficiency Projects

  • Brief #8: Enact Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing (not yet available)
  • Brief #9: Provide On-Utility Bill Financing
  • Brief #10: Issue Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs) (not yet available)
  • Brief #11: Buy Down Private Lending (not yet available)

Improving Energy Performance

  • Brief #12: Establish Periodic Building Tune-Ups (not yet available)
  • Brief #13: Set Minimum Thresholds for Energy Performance (not yet available)

Marketing Excellence

Paving a Future of Efficiency

  • Brief #17: Set Minimum Standards for Appliance Efficiency (not yet available)
  • Brief #18: Adopt State-of-the-Art Energy Codes (not yet available)
  • Brief #19: Adopt Voluntary State-of-the-Art Green Building Codes (not yet available)
  • Brief #20: Adopt Voluntary Net Zero Energy Building Codes

Rewarding Energy Leaders

  • Brief #21: Reward Builders of Efficient New Homes (not yet available)
  • Brief #22: Encourage Energy Efficient Remodel Projects (not yet available)
  • Brief #23: Create Efficiency Competitions for Non-Profits (not yet available)

Transparent Energy Information

  • Brief #24: Disclose Energy Use During Residential Real Estate Transactions
  • Brief #25: Incorporate Energy Performance into Property Appraisals (not yet available)
  • Brief #26: Improve the Green Features in Multiple Listing Services (MLS) (not yet available)
  • Brief #27: Publish Energy Usage Data for Buildings (not yet available)
  • Brief #28: Automate Energy Usage Information (not yet available)
  • Brief #29: Certify Energy Performance (not yet available)
  • Brief #30: Create a True Home Cost Calculator (not yet available)

Workforce Excellence

Promoting Sustainable Behavior