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Energy Efficiency on the Personal and Urban Scale

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Global Institute of Sustainability
September 2011
Arizona State University
See how you can drive your roommates crazy and also change the world through energy efficiency—at home and on a city scale—in this fun and informative talk about how low the low-hanging fruit may actually be.

Global Citizen Forum recap


March 2012
Last week the Thunderbird Net Impact Chapter kicked off it’s second Global Citizen Forum with the help of the TAP, TEMBA, NAWMBA and Tech Clubs. The forum, inspired by Thunderbird’s mission of educating global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide, brought together industry leaders in corporate social responsibility, international development, social entrepreneurship and education to make the business case for sustainability.

In Business Magazine


April 2012
When it comes to energy efficiency, some energy-conscious people are taking a closer look at how well their home and workspaces perform. In many cases, the buildings they occupy are wasting energy, both in terms of the energy they consume and the energy they could be creating.

Experts discuss summer energy efficiency

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State Press
June 2012
Energize Phoenix Project Manager Mick Dalrymple gives the introduction to a group of experts on energy efficiency and Valley residents gather at a forum with the Global Institute of Sustainability Wednesday afternoon at Wrigley Hall to discuss ways of keeping homes in Maricopa County cool during the blistering summer months.

Out for blood: Energy vampires taking a bite out of companies’ profits


Phoenix Business Journal
June 2012
Killing vampire energy in Phoenix can be easy, some experts say. Simply unplug the office’s rear-projection television set, which costs $19.36 in standby energy each year; the cable box, which costs $13.32; and the DVD player, which costs $6.14, according to Salt River Project estimates.

Energy rules when defining ‘green’ say ASU sustainability experts


Arizona State University
August 2012
In providing a definition of “environmentally green” for Arizona Republic reporter Ben Backhaus, two sustainability experts at Arizona State University said it “boils down to energy.

Mining Electrons: Learning from the Complexities of Capturing Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings


March 2013
After more than a dozen years as an active, passionate member of the green building community and USGBC, I’d like to tell you that energy efficiency is easy. The ‘Nega-Watt’ is a beautiful fuel source, but unlocking its full potential has kept me up many sleepless nights. Scaling its potential is a critical pathway to a regenerative future.

Energy Efficiency Guide inspires action, sustainability

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Arizona State University
April 2013
The guide includes 46 energy efficiency methods or “ideas” for policymakers and stakeholders organized by 11 categories such as sustainable behavior, energy performance and economic incentives. Mick Dalrymple, the guide’s author, indirectly started the guide when he was organizing and tracking the multitude of local and national energy efficiency programs.

Getting to Zero: Lessons in Urban Scale Energy Efficiency

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CoreNet Global
April 2013
CoreNet Global commendably advocates for multi-national corporations to strive for net-zero energy buildings as a measure of energy management success, as well as for federal policies and programs around the world that incentivize and reward leaders who proactively reduce their carbon footprints.

Why getting serious about sustainability needs to start with training

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April 2013
At a recent BECC conference I was listening to a panel with Fortune 1000 company representatives discussing behavior change and energy efficiency. I took note of a question an audience member posed to the panel: “Where’s training in all of this? Why it is missing among the actions you’re taking?”